The Journal of Biblical Accuracy

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A straight look at some of the "hard sayings" of Jesus: Conclusion

To conclude this chapter, it is obvious that our Lord in no way believed in an unfruitful faith. His sayings pave the way for the right understanding of what it means to believe in Jesus or have faith in Jesus. This is in no way only a confession but, as the apostle Paul taught (see the coming chapter), a race to be run and a fight to be fought. There is no question that for Him, abiding in Him, was not something optional but mandatory and in case some did not abide in Him then they would not enter into the Kingdom. Unfortunately though, many have chosen to ignore this, believing that what only matters is to start in the faith. Of course it is important to start in the faith (you cannot finish something unless you first start it), but I would say that even more important is to both start and finish in the faith, staying in the vine, in Christ, till the end and putting aside whatever may want to move you away from it.

Chapter 4: Faith working through love


Author: Anastasios Kioulachoglou