The Journal of Biblical Accuracy

About this magazine

This magazine is a non-denominational Christian magazine whose aim is to teach the Word of God and serve through this way the one body of Christ. This magazine is not connected or sponsored (in money or any other way) by anybody. It is simply the sincere effort of the author to participate in my role in building up my brothers and sisters through teaching of the Word of God. Everything in this magazine is for free.

The position of this magazine is that the Bible is the inspired Word of God and it is absolutely accurate in everything. My desire is not to propagate any specific doctrine except the doctrines of the Word of God. The reader therefore is encouraged to check what we say here, not against a particular theological doctrine, but against the Word of God.

On the history of the magazine: This magazine started to be issued in its English form in January 1996 in Leicester, UK. It is presently issued in many different languages and its English form has hundreds of articles. It is our aim to translate, through the help of Christians that speak these languages, all the articles to all the languages we are hosting in this site. So please check here for more and more articles to come in your language. We also used between 1996 and 2004 to send a printed form of this magazine to various Bible colleges and universities around the world.

On the main author of the articles: my name is Tassos Kioulachoglou. I was introduced to the Word of God in March 1991 as a student in Thessaloniki. Then in 1993 I moved to England and from 1994 to 1996, I used to run fellowships and Bible studies in Leicester. A fruit of those fellowships was the English version of the present magazine. On a personal level: I was born in 1969 in Greece. I’m speaking Greek, English and German and work for many years as SAP consultant, specialized in the area of Finance and Cost Controlling (FI/CO for those that know SAP). I have a family with three kids and I love receiving the Word of God and sharing it with others through this magazine!